Easy and Interactive Exam Creation: Craft Engaging Assessments in Minutes

Effortless Exam Creation! Build engaging & informative assessments in minutes with drag-and-drop tools, diverse question types, & real-time preview. Learn more about interactive exams!

Easy Scheduling and Allocation: Streamline Exam Logistics

Effortless Exam Scheduling! Streamline exam logistics with calendar integration, flexible scheduling, automated allocation, & customizable notifications. Learn more!

Live Coverage of Exams: Gain Real-Time Insights and Enhance Exam Administration

Monitor Exams Live! Gain real-time insights into student activity, address issues & optimize exam administration with live coverage. Learn more about enhanced supervision!

Safe and Secure: Guarantee Exam Integrity and Prevent Cheating

Stop Cheating & Protect Exams! Our secure online exam app offers multi-factor login, encryption, browser lockdown, & real-time proctoring (optional). Ensure exam integrity – learn more!

Smart Question Bank: Streamline Exam Creation

Effortless Exam Creation! Organize, analyze & reuse questions with our Smart Question Bank. Search, filter, track revisions, & share pools. Learn more about powerful exam tools!

Monetize Your Expertise: Create and Sell Exams and Questions with Confidence

Turn Knowledge into Cash! Sell exams & questions you create on our online exam app. Earn passive income, share expertise, & reach a global audience. Learn how!

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New in Online Exams

API & Integration
Seamless Integration: Connect Online Exam App with Existing Systems

Connect Your Systems! Integrate our online exam app with your LMS & other tools using powerful APIs. Automate workflows, exchange data, & streamline exam management. Learn more!

Moderator and Approver-Based Exams

Level Up Exam Quality! Ensure high-quality & secure assessments with moderator review & multi-step approvals. Streamline exam workflow - learn more now!

What our Client says

OnlineExams has been a revolution for our department! Grading exams takes half the time now with auto-scoring, and the detailed reports in Hindi are fantastic. We can identify learning gaps and tailor future courses precisely for our students' needs.

Dr. Priya Sharma Physics Professor, Delhi National University

OnlineExams is brilliant! I can take exams from my phone anytime, anywhere, which is perfect for my busy schedule. The platform is really user-friendly even in Hindi, and it makes studying so much more flexible. No more last-minute cramming for me!

Rahul Kumar BCom Student

OnlineExams is a game-changer for my coaching classes! My students get instant feedback on their practice exams, which helps them understand concepts better. Plus, the platform tracks their progress in Hindi, so I can see exactly who needs extra help. My students are scoring way higher since we started using it!

Mr. Ravi Patel Physics Coaching Institute, Mumbai