Empower Collaboration and Enhance Exam Quality with Multi-Layered Review

Our online exam application offers a robust feature for moderator and approver-based exams, allowing you to create a collaborative review process for enhanced question quality and exam security. This feature ensures a smooth workflow and meticulous review before your exams go live.


  • Subject Matter Expertise: Assign dedicated moderators, such as faculty or senior instructors, to review question content, accuracy, and alignment with learning objectives.
  • Standardized Quality: Ensure consistency across exams with moderators verifying the clarity, difficulty level, and absence of ambiguity in questions.
  • Reduced Bias: Eliminate potential bias by having multiple reviewers scrutinize questions for fairness and neutrality.
  • Improved Security: Implement an approval stage where authorized personnel can review the entire exam setup, including question selection, exam duration, and security settings, before deployment.
  • Streamlined Communication: Facilitate communication between moderators and approvers through dedicated comment sections within the platform. Discuss question revisions or raise concerns for a seamless collaborative experience.

How it Works:

  1. Question Creation: Authors create and upload the initial set of questions.
  2. Moderator Review: Assigned moderators review the questions, providing feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  3. Revision and Re-review: Authors address the moderator feedback and revise the questions as needed. Moderators review the revised versions.
  4. Exam Creation: Once questions are finalized, the exam is assembled by selecting questions from the approved pool.
  5. Approver Review: Designated approvers with administrative or oversight roles review the complete exam configuration, including question selection, settings, and security protocols.
  6. Exam Launch: After approval, the exam is ready for deployment to students.

Additional Features:

  • Role-based Access Control: Define granular access levels for moderators, approvers, and authors to ensure proper control over the review process.
  • Audit Trails: Maintain a comprehensive record of all revisions, approvals, and comments for full transparency and accountability.
  • Version Control: Track different versions of questions and exams for reference and future iterations.


The moderator and approver-based exam feature provides a valuable tool for creating high-quality, secure assessments. By fostering collaboration and multi-layered review, you can ensure your exams are well-crafted, unbiased, and effectively measure student knowledge.