Maintain Security and Supervision with Flexible Online Proctoring Solutions

Our online exam application provides comprehensive proctoring solutions to ensure the integrity and security of your exams, even in remote testing environments. Move beyond the limitations of traditional in-person proctoring and embrace the flexibility and efficiency of online invigilation.

Benefits of Remote Proctoring:

  • Increased Accessibility: Conduct exams for geographically dispersed students or those facing mobility challenges, offering greater inclusivity and flexibility.
  • Reduced Costs: Eliminate the need for additional invigilation personnel, potentially saving resources and streamlining exam administration.
  • Scalability: Easily accommodate large-scale exams with a readily available pool of online proctors.
  • Enhanced Security: Combine online proctoring features with other security measures like browser lockdown and encrypted data storage to create a secure testing environment.
  • Multiple Proctoring Options: Choose from a variety of proctoring solutions to fit your needs, including:
    • Automated Proctoring: Utilize AI-powered tools to monitor student activity, flag suspicious behaviour, and record exam sessions.
    • Live Proctoring: Connect with human proctors who can remotely observe students through webcams and microphones, providing a more personalized invigilation experience.

Proctoring Features:

  • Pre-Exam Identification Verification: Confirm student identities using government-issued IDs before exam commencement.
  • Real-Time Student Monitoring: Proctors can observe students through webcams and microphones, ensuring they stay focused on the exam and deterring potential cheating attempts.
  • Suspicious Activity Alerts: The system flags unusual behaviour like screen sharing, unauthorized applications being accessed, or communication attempts, prompting a further investigation by proctors.
  • Recording and Review: Record exam sessions for post-exam review or potential investigations, providing evidence in case of suspected misconduct.

Additional Considerations:

  • Proctor Training: Ensure online proctors are adequately trained to effectively monitor exams and identify potential cheating attempts.
  • Technical Requirements: Communicate the technical specifications required for students to participate in proctored exams to avoid disruptions.
  • Student Privacy: Implement policies and procedures to ensure student privacy is protected while utilizing online proctoring tools.


Remote proctoring within our online exam application offers a valuable tool for educators to conduct secure and reliable exams, even in remote settings. By providing diverse proctoring options and robust security features, you can maintain the integrity of your assessments and ensure a fair testing environment for all students.