Many of the colleges, institute and universities are switching to online exams during COVID-19. This is the one step toward preventing to spread COVID-19 infection.

Online exams are the always best practice to test your student’s knowledge remotely. Online exams allow students to solve the assignment remotely and this has very helpful for examiners. Students can solve online exams from anywhere and anytime. Online exams help examiner and teachers to keep their students busy at their home and staying away from the COVID – 19. Students have no hassle of putting pen and paper to demonstrate their knowledge

Online or digital exams can save examiner marking time. This is the easiest way for examiner to conduct exams.

According to the researchers, students are also less worried about online exams as they can first do practice tests online. It helps to reduce the stress on the students.

Why we should use online exams?

Online exams are always less costly than the traditional way.

Easy to assessment and marking.

Examiner can create multiple practice test which helps the student to prepare more for the exams.

Keep students away from the stress and the COVID-19.

Happy Exams….

Online exams will help to stop spreading COVID-19