During this situation of the pandemic, social distancing became an important community mitigation strategy. Problems of school, collages closures are everywhere. Government across countries gave instructions to universities and higher education systems to cover syllabus, lectures, exams, practicals, and result publications. that’s why the online mode of teaching and learning is driven to promote education with equity during the lockdown. The online examination is a digital platform that evaluates students in a hassle-free way. The best thing is exams are taken from anywhere, anytime. There are some ways to manage academic exams during the lockdown​ using the online mode​:

  • Protecting the integrity of exams.
  • Audio/Video recording of student
  • Auto-device lockdown
  • Proctoring from plagiarism
  • Auto-shuffling of questions
  • Provide reliable and accurate student data
  • Preparing exams with complete preparedness
  • Hassle-free exam scheduling

There are many advantages of the online examination system over paper-based examinations.

  • The most important advantage is there is the security of the examination paper. There is the possibility of leakage of question paper while passing it to different examination centers in the paper-based examination. This risk is eliminated in the online examination system. There is no need of printing paper for every student differently.
  • Online Exams give quick results which save time and increases the speed of taking decision for students. The paper-based examination has a lengthy process as it has many steps. There are chances of human errors while checking the question papers but in online mode, results are calculated accurately and instantly.
  • Remote proctoring allows thousands of students to appear for an exam without spending time on travel and accommodation. Exams can be conducted wherever the candidate is with the help of a web camera and microphone. This has eliminated the problem of scheduling exams across various exam centers, hiring supervisors and providing security to these centers, etc.
  • Online Exams is managed by using technology hence its logistics cost is less. It is favorable while looking to conduct the exams for multiple candidates at different locations. The logistic cost for paper-based exams is high due to the factors like question papers, answer sheets, exam centers, hiring invigilators. Even question papers and answer sheets need to be delivered at selected exam centers within a particular time. Also, there is a need of collecting them back from designated exam centers for other processing.
  • There are facilities like speech to text, uploading images of diagrams drawn by students for answers to the given questions. Students can use simple English language with special symbols and diagrams, etc. for writing answers to related questions. Individual login for evaluating subjective answers is possible for the examiner in the online examination.
  • There are no chances of changes or corrections at the last minute in our traditional method of exams but this disadvantage has overcome in online mode. The online examination allows flexibility to design exam papers, evaluating and grading. Questions for students can be the same or different for the same exam.
  • The detailed analysis, ranking, rations subject or topic wise analysis is possible in an online exam. In the paper-based exam, the process of result declaration is lengthy as it is manually done. So many examiners are involved in the compilation of the final result so it is a huge administrative task.
  • In auto surveillance mode, a web camera is connected to the system would take the snapshots of the students for exam and can act as a supervisor which minimizes the time and cost. The system is capable to keep track of students during examinations. But in our traditional way of exams, there is a need of hiring supervisors for supervision on students at the exam centers.
  • The online exam is a more affordable and feasible option for conducting exams. The cost per candidate is ranging from Rs 300 to Rs 700 in the paper-based exam and that is only around Rs 10 to Rs 50 in online exams which is impressive.
  • There is only a need of camera based computer or laptop, a web browser and, an internet connection for conducting online test and that’s it.

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Why Online Exams?